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Get the most from your job search with our guides to nailing your resume, landing the interview, and staying happy in your new job.

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How to prepare for a job interview: Top questions to expect

The light is bright, and the suit is hot. After landing that interview for the perfect job, you’ve made it into the room with human resources...

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Getting there: Making an internship work for you

Some of us remember internships spent washing cars, getting coffee, or bathing dogs. Some of us remember worse...

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Looking while you’re working: Thinking about a new job?

Maybe it’s time for a switch. Most professionals have looked for a job while they were employed somewhere else...

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Get it “write”: Nailing your best resume

Distilling your career to one page (or in some cases, more than one page) is a daunting challenge...

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When is the right time to talk about salary?

Jobseekers often wonder when it’s the right time to talk about money, or if employers are justified in asking...

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Top questions you should ask during your interview

For most people, an interview seems like a middle school math test: they have questions, you have the (right or wrong) answers. It feels like a one-way road to anxiety...

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Apprenticeships: Jumpstart your new career

Working adults or new graduates may feel lost when considering a career change: What’s the best way to break in to a new industry?

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Feeling stuck in your job? 5 easy tips to skip

The daily grind can feel like a daily slog. The routine starts to blur, and the work can begin to feel endless and/or unnecessary...

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How to write a resume

Maybe you’ve never written a resume, or maybe it’s time for a rethink. Writing a resume may seem like a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be: it’s your life and work experience—you know it like the back

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What skills should I list on my resume?

Future employers want to know what you’re bringing to the job, but how do you know what to list?

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When should I follow-up after an interview?

After an interview, sending a note to employers or hiring managers can express gratitude for their time and show an interest in the job.

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The best resume is the one you proofread

Sitting down and writing the perfect resume takes time. Reading your own resume should take just as much time.