Feeling stuck in your job? 5 easy tips to skip

The daily grind can feel like a daily slog. The routine starts to blur, and the work can begin to feel endless and/or unnecessary.

It happens to everyone, regardless of career, position, or income. To be clear: work is work.

But feeling stuck in your job isn’t part of any work detail, and most employees will feel like there’s no way out, or like there’s nothing left to explore. That’s not true.

Here are five quick tips to pull you out of the “blahs” and into the “boo-yahs.”

  1. Constantly improve Understanding advancement opportunities within your own company can give you a bar to reach for and help outline an improvement plan to get there. Set a goal to learn skills necessary to advance and you may improve your current work—and find new work in the future.
  2. Don’t stop looking Respect your current employer, but always be on the lookout for new opportunities that can focus your attention and progression. That may seem like restlessness, but it’s not—you’re staying up to date with your peers and making sure that you’re fit for the career you’ve chosen.
  3. Go back to school For many working adults, school may seem like a challenge, but local community colleges or vocational schools are welcoming and amenable to busy schedules. By continuing your education, you’re not only learning what’s new, you’re also changing up the scenery with new faces.
  4. Recruit a mentor Finding an experienced voice in your career can help you avoid pitfalls and define success. Chances are, someone knows what you’re going through and can help put into perspective whether that’s an indication of a flagging career or just par for the course.
  5. Find the right work/life balance Work isn’t life and life isn’t work. For many working adults, the pressure and temptation to bring work home never stops—and that’s unhealthy. Create meaningful boundaries with work and home to separate the two; you’ll be more productive at work and happier at home.