Apprenticeships: Jumpstart your new career

Working adults or new graduates may feel behind the times or lost when considering a career change: What’s the best way to break in to a new industry?

The answer may be through an apprenticeship. Like an internship, apprenticeships offer hands-on experience, but are often tasked with more responsibilities. Apprentices are usually asked to participate and contribute more than interns, and the added experience may pay off more in the end.

Apprenticeship programs often include an educational component too. On top of work responsibilities, there are usually learning responsibilities that develop a deeper understanding of a new field. That helps when considering whether a new career may be right for you.

For construction and manufacturing careers, apprenticeships can offer valuable insight into best practices and training that can help new employees stay up-to-date on what’s expected in the field and what’s next.

Apprenticeships are usually paid more than internships too, which could help transitioning working adults find new careers.

But all the news with apprenticeships isn’t good news.

Generally speaking, there are fewer apprenticeship programs available than internships—and they’re typically more competitive.

Apprenticeships are usually longer than internships and require a commitment from apprentices that can last up to a year.

But for working adults looking to break into a new field for work, apprenticeships can be the right first step to learning a new skill and breaking into a new field.