Looking while you’re working: Thinking about a new job?

Maybe it’s time for a switch. Most professionals have looked for a job while they were employed somewhere else—most career experts even suggest not leaving your old job until you have a new job. They mean that both physically and mentally, too.

Why? Many times, the best prospects for a job are already employed. And quitting a job before having a new job may be viewed as irresponsible.

In short, life happens. A new start may be in the best interest for both parties, but there are good and bad ways to look for a new job while employed.

Here are some tips for finding a new job:

Be discreet Your current employer may frown on your job search and, if you’re considering a direct competitor, may even terminate your employment for conflict of interest. It’s not a good idea to broadcast your search for obvious reasons, so minimize the amount of time you spend searching for a new job while on the clock at your current job.

Be respectful Don’t discuss your job search with fellow employees and don’t use work time, company email accounts, or business computers to search for a new job. Your current employer may monitor your communication (and time). They’re paying for your time after all. When you must respond to emails or phone calls during the work day, keep it limited to break or lunch times.

Be smart Suddenly updating your LinkedIn profile in one day or leaving resumes on the office printer isn’t ideal. Neither is showing up to work in a suit and tie when jeans and T-shirt is what you’ve been wearing for the last year. If you’re networking for a new job on social media sites be aware if any of your current coworkers can see what’s going on.

Be aggressive Finding a new job requires time and effort. If you need to leave, find somewhere else to land soon out of respect for your current and future employer.