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Here at Jobsformore,

Our guiding principles are connecting businesses with the workers they need to thrive and connecting qualified workers with the information they need to succeed in those jobs. Creating successful employment outcomes is only part of the bigger mission; we want more. That means more open communication, more clarity, more purpose, more inclusive workplaces, more diversity, and more opportunities.

Jobs4More, its clients, and its audience of job seekers and career counselors know that success doesn’t stop when the first day of work starts. For job seekers, success begins with finding the right workplace that values the knowledge, skill and experience they’re bringing to work every day. For employers, human capital isn’t enough; finding the right candidates who are not only qualified, but also equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and abilities in their respective fields is crucial to their success too.

Combining decades of experience in human resources and equal opportunity employment compliance, Jobs4More is a tailored fit for business owners and job candidates to explore their potential—and more..

Happy Clients

We help Individuals seeking to be employed with Government Contractor company workforces find the perfect job match in the job market.


We match job applicants with employers dedicated to equal opportunity employment and active recruitment of diversified applicant pools.

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Our company is the first of its kind, helping prospective applicants like you get a chance to become a government employee.