About Us

Jobs4More is a recruiting platform and good-faith outreach website committed to attracting all qualified job seekers and connecting them with contractors and businesses that are committed to Equal Opportunity Employment.

We specifically engage all people who desire to work productively and all contractors who desire to:

  • Recruit and employ diversified candidates for open jobs in their companies;
  • Select the most qualified candidates based on objective criteria;
  • Retain qualified employees who are assets to their teams;
  • Manage company policies and practice those consistently with all employees;
  • Train men and women to be the best they can be at a job they desire to have;
  • Pay all employees equally and exclusively based on job duties, knowledge, skills, abilities, and demonstrated work performance;
  • And promote qualified candidates for quality work performance and consistent work history.

Contractors that list jobs on this site hold themselves accountable to a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or coercion, and by making all workforce decisions objectively, and without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other legal classification of people.

While each company that lists their jobs on this site are mutually exclusive in their operations and business organization management, the aim of this site and the contractors who list their jobs here is to consistently measure all candidates and employees by their demonstrated character, applicable work performance, and objective job-related criteria only.

It is the ongoing mission of Jobs4More to support these companies in their individual commitments, and to enable all people to become gainfully employed with a company whose values and goals are to operate their business with the highest level of integrity.

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We help Individuals seeking to be employed with Government Contractor company workforces find the perfect job match in the job market.


We match job applicants with employers dedicated to equal opportunity employment and active recruitment of diversified applicant pools.

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Our company is of the first of its kind, helping prospective applicants like you get a chance to become a government contracting employee.